What We Do

We free business owners to focus on important tasks by managing their servers for them.

Web developers, digital marketers and other small businesses turn to rackAID to manage, update and maintain their servers.   We help our customers succeed by helping the identify, implement and maintain the right hosting strategy for their business.

With our services, our customers can focus on their business and not their servers.

Remove Roadblocks

Before founding rackAID in 2006, our founder, Jeff Huckaby, worked with large and small businesses providing Linux system support.  Jeff freelanced and found his clients getting frustrated with recurring server issues, unexpected costs and other technical problems.

He realized that while many companies rushed to provide cheap hosting services few were delivering adequate support.

As a result, many business owners hit a roadblock.   They had great online business ideas but could not implement them without more support.

Simple Rules = Great Service

Jeff did not want to see great ideas undermined  by poor technical support.   So he set out to simply the support process.   He did this by adopting a few simple rules that still guide rackAID’s services today:

  • Design server support services that add value your business.
  • Communicate clearly so you understand what needs to be done and why.
  • Recommend the right solutions — even if it is not with us.
  • Fixing problems permanently and  everyone benefits.
  • Make pricing and services terms clear and predictable.

Today, rackAID helps dozens of companies throughout the world manage their Linux servers.

Let us help you get your hosting on the right track.


Management Team

Jeff Huckaby – CEO & Founder

Jeff has been working in hosting industry since the days of Rackshack’s famed customer appreciation parties back in the early 2000′s. Drawing on his training as a bacterial geneticist, he has an uncanny to dissect a complex issues into the most basic issues. Working in the hosting industry, he saw great idea after great idea fail due to poor implementation. This frustration led to rackAID. He holds certifications in Plesk, cPanel and Linux. Prior to rackAID, he founded BMCC, a consultancy firm that helped medical non profit groups raise money for online projects. Jeff is an avid cyclist, wine enthusiast, and admitted Kraftwerk listener.


Juli Zurovec – Operations Manager

Finding that her perfectionism met the demands of IT management, Juli pursued Red Hat training, then put her skills and knowledge to work at rackAID. Juli’s obsession with detail and passion for problem-solving translates into a better night’s sleep for rackAID clients, who know their operations are running smoothly. In her downtime, Juli enjoys traveling, running and knitting sweaters for her two Devon Rex cats. She is Plesk certified and working toward an RHCE and MySQL certification.

Stewart Sasi – Senior SysAdmin

Stewart (aka Sudheer) works from down under (Australia). By being on the other side of the world, he keeps things running when the rest of us are sleeping. He is a Red Hat certified engineer and takes care of most stuff that other people would forget to do. He may not be the most talkative of the rackAID crew, but he gets the work done. When not fixing servers, he likes to spend time with his young daughter and wife. Stewart holds Red Hat and cPanel certifications.

Our customers spend the time doing what they love & we love to help them do it.

"If you have had more than three incidents in a two-month period, and your problems are getting worse: Don’t wait. Go ahead and start exploring your other options, and make sure that rackAID is at the top of your list."
Jennifer Shaheen
- Technology Therapy