IT management & advice in one simple plan.

  • Get Advise

    Get Advise

    Help finding the right hosting solution.

  • Prevent Downtime

    Prevent Downtime

    Eliminate outages with proactive support.

  • Protect Data

    Protect Data

    Automated backups keep your data safe.

  • Best Practices

    Best Practices

    Do things the right way - the first time.

  • Go Faster

    Go Faster

    Server optimization keeps sites fast.

  • Stay Security

    Stay Security

    Security hardening keeps hackers out.


Server management that works for You.

Did you start your business to manage servers?

I did not think so.

Imagine – more time, happier customers and fewer hosting headaches.

Get everything you need to keep your server running smoothly.

We roll downtime response, backups, monitoring and more into our server management plans.    There is no long-term commitment or setup fees.

You can get started in as little as one business day.

When issues arise, you will not wait on us.   Enjoy informative status updates in minutes, not hours.  

Budget server management companies disappear when server problems become difficult.  Not rackAID.  We fix problems permanently with rapid escalations to senior system administrators.

Our management plans start at $250/mo include monitoring, backups, updates and more.

After you sign up, you will stop worrying about your server.   We will manage your server — without the headaches.

Why are these customers smiling?

Because they don't worry about server issues.

Since I’ve switched I no longer have to worry about hosting. My site is reliable, secure and fast. I know my site is in good hands -- allowing me to focus on our users.
rackAID keeps our gamers happy by assuring our servers are fast, secure and reliable. With their help, we focus on publishing great games.
"If you have had more than three incidents in a two-month period, and your problems are getting worse: Don’t wait. Go ahead and start exploring your other options, and make sure that rackAID is at the top of your list."
Jennifer Shaheen
- Technology Therapy

Let's put an end to those server problems.

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