We manage IT for you.

So you can focus on your business.

Why choose rackAID's managed IT solutions?

Focus on your business not technology.  Leverage our team’s expertise to implement the latest technologies quickly and cost effectively — freeing up your staff to focus on your priorities.

Stay Focused

You probably did not start your business to become a hosting guru.   So don’t let your IT distract you from what matters most – your business.  With our help, you can focus on what matters to you and leave the IT to us.

Average Response Time
Server Security Breaches
Patches Deployed
Issues Fixed in One Ticket

Control Costs

Why hire a system administrator, when you can get a 24×7 team for a fraction of the costs?   Through automation and scale, we can lower the cost of IT operations.  Keep your staff focused on revenue generating tasks while we look after you IT infrastructure.

Upgrade Technology

From moving to the cloud or maximizing your dedicated hosting, our team can help you keep pace with technology.   Newer versions of Linux, Nginx, and MySQL provided significant performance boosts, allowing you to get the most from your hardware.

“Our issue was Yahoo block of the email from our server. Jeff kept great communication with us throughout the entire process. He was very helpful in helping us understand why it was happening and what we needed to do to solve the issue. Our issue was corrected in a timely manner. And, yes, I would definitely refer rackAid to a friend or colleague.”

How we work with you.

We truly partner with our customers.  If our team can help you grow, we grow.   We are here to let you focus on what you do best while we do what we do best.


We work with you to design a solution that fits both your technical requirements and business needs.  Our goal is to deliver a solution that empowers you to grow your business.


We procure, build, and test your IT solution, so you don’t have to.  You can leverage our expertise to deploy new solutions without distracting you from your core business.


We keep your operations running smoothly with system monitoring, automated backups, and security checks.  You just focus on you business and serving your customers.  Leave the infrastructure to us.


We continue working with you to assure your solution adapts with your business.   Whatever the change, our team is here to help optimize your solution to meet your next challenge.

Who has time to RTFM? We do!

rackAID has been providing sever management services for since 2006.  We break down server management into the most basic components: monitoring, updates, security and backups. In each of these areas, we relentlessly work to adapt the best techniques to manage your operations.   By doing so, you enjoy better reliability, performance and security. If you want to put an end to your IT headaches, email or call us today.