Improve email security and deliverability.

Email Authentication 

Email authentication is not just about security but also deliverability.  If you want sustained inbox delivery, you must authenticate your email.  In addition to boosting inbox placement, email authentication also allows recipients to verify the authenticity of your email and detect email tampering.

How we help

  • Email Review

    We start with a detailed review of existing email authentication methods and delivery issues.

  • Identify Email Sources

    You can easily miss valid email senders, such as notices from billing, payroll or shipping systems.   If you use many third-party services, we can help you setup email reporting to better understand who’s emailing on your behalf.

  • Optimize DKIM, SPF, PTR & DMARC

    For the best delivery rates, you need to be certain your SPF, DKIM, PTR and DMARC records are accurate.  Our team will help you set up these records and test them.

  • Gmail, Yahoo! & Outlook Testing

    We verify that these major email service providers can process your email authentication records.   Assuring proper records can boost inbox placement.

  • DMARC Email Reporting

    We can optionally setup DMARC reporting.  DMARC is a reporting tool that will let you know who is sending email on your behalf.  DMARC is great for spotting fraud or missed email sources.

Email Authentication Services

If you are unsure which package you need, just contact us and we will recommend the best solution.

  • Basic
  • ____
  • $79
  • One Domain
  • DKIM, SPF & PTR Records
  • Yahoo, Gmail & Outlook Testing
  • 3 or fewer email sources
  • ____

  • Advanced
  • ____
  • $149
  • One Domain
  • DKIM, SPF, PTR & DMARC Records
  • Yahoo, Gmail & Outlook Testing
  • 3 or more Email Sources
  • DMARC Reporting
  • Email Sending Review
  • ____

Ready to protect your email operations?