Service Agreements

rackAID’s Master Service Agreement and related documents is our contract between you, the customer, and rackAID.  The agreements define the terms and conditions relating to your services.   Your services may be covered by more than one agreement and in aggregate the define the total scope of services we provide to you.

Master Service Agreement

This is the primary agreement that governs all services.  This defines our general terms of service, billing, cancellation and other legal obligations between you and rackAID.

Download: Master Service Agreement

Service Level Agreements

One-Time Services

One-time services do not carry any specific guarantee. All cases are handled on a best-efforts basis. Although we do our best to provide the best results, 100% success is not realistic, and not guaranteed. We will always try to set clear expectations at the beginning of any one-time support case.

Monthly Management Services

This document is being updated and will be posted shortly.

Managed Hosting

Your managing hosting is governed by your respective monthly management SLA and the upstream hardware/network SLA from our infrastructure parter.

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