Improve cPanel’s email services.

cPanel Email Optimization

cPanel is a great control panel.  However, the default email configuration can cause many email delivery issues.  There are known issues with cPanel Exim’s default configuration as well as changes to improve logging and server performance.    We help you configure many features to help you control both inbound and outgoing spam.   These changes along with email authentication can improve email delivery rates.

How we help

  • Email Review

    We start with a detailed review of existing email settings and review logs for current problems.

  • Exim Optimization

    We optimize Exim to improve email delivery and prevent spam like behavior.  By changing bounce handling, deferrals and other settings, we configure Exim to work with today’s email environment.

  • Optimize DKIM, SPF, PTR & DMARC

    For the best delivery rates, you need to be certain your SPF, DKIM, PTR and DMARC records are accurate.  Our team will help you set up these records and test them.

  • Anti-Spam Tools

    cPanel offers a number of tools to help with inbound spam.  We know which feature provide the best results with the least false positive rates.

  • Outbound Rate Limits

    cPanel provides several mechanisms to try to detect and block outbound spam.   We highly recommend strict limits on any shared hosting server.  By configurating outbound limits, cPanel will notify you of potential spam issues before they impact your email delivery.

cPanel Email Optimization

If you are unsure which package you need, just contact us and we will recommend the best solution.
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  • $149
  • cPanel Servers Only
  • Exim Configuration Optimization
  • Inbound Spam Prevention
  • Outbound Rate Limiting
  • Best Practices Review
  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC Review
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We were extremely pleased with rackAID. Communication was excellent. They solved our significant email blockage issues in a few days. I would highly recommend them and won’t hesitate to use them again if needed.

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