Stop email threats before they reach your customers.

Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Services

More than half of all email sent is spam.   Stop spam, malware, viruses and other threats before they reach your customers.   Our email filtering service uses a gateway to scrub your email of threats before it reaches your system.

Proven Virus Protection

To stay atop of email threats, we combine popular virus scanners with our own detection methods.   Using signals form users and security notices, we can inject rules to block attacks well before popular AV software even detects a problem.

Email Quarantine

While our system has less than 1% false positive rate, legitimate emails may be flagged as spam.   Rather than delete suspect emails, we quarantine them.  You can then whitelist or release these emails to your users.

Built-in Backup Mail Server

Should your mail server go offline, our system will spool your email automatically.   We will hold email for up to 30 days.  Once your sever is online, the system will deliver the emails to your server.

Email Filtering Services

Have more than 30 users? Contact us for customized plans.

  • Basic Plan
  • ____
  • $$25/mo
  • Up to 10 Users
  • 50,000 Inboud Emails
  • 100 MB Attachment Size Limit
  • Backup Email Server (15 Days)
  • Shared Quarantine
  • Distributed Cloud Based Setup
  • ____

  • Advanced Plan
  • ____
  • $$49/mo
  • Up to 30 Users
  • 100,000 Inboud Emails
  • 200 MB Attachment Size Limit
  • Backup Email Server (30 Days)
  • Individual Quarantine ($2/user)
  • Distributed Cloud Based Setup
  • ____

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