Are you a spammer?

Spam Incident Recovery

Has your server been sending spam?   Hackers routinely exploit servers and web applications to send massive amounts of spam.   If you have been the victim of such an attack, we can help.   We provide full incident investigation and recovery services to help get your email flowing again.

Incident Investigation

We dig into your server, email logs and web applications to identify how the attackers were able to use your system to send spam.   Through log analysis and security audits, we hope to uncover how the spammers gained entry into your system and shut it down.

Improve Email Security

With the exploits fixed, we then examine the general security of your server.   On some systems, we can help you identify weak passwords or put in place stronger password policies.   By adding intrusion prevention systems (IPS), we can also mitigate future brute force attacks.

Web Site Security

Many spam incidents are due to insecure web applications.   Our team can recommend services to help mitigate web-based attacks.  We can also help you configure better logging on shared hosting systems so that you can quickly identify what sites may be responsible for spam issues.

Blacklist Removal Assistance

Once we correct your email server security issues, we will then begin requesting removal from blacklists. Our team will handle the process from start to finish. We work with Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook and others to expedite the removal of your IP.

Spam Incident Recovery

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  • Simple
  • ____
  • $79
  • Email Server Investigation
  • DKIM, SPF & PTR Setup
  • Apply Best Practices
  • Blacklist Removal Submission
  • ____

  • Advanced
  • ____
  • $179
  • Security Breach Assistance
  • Email Server Investigation
  • DKIM, SPF & PTR Setup
  • Optinal DMARC Reporting
  • Apply Best Practices
  • Blacklist Removal Submission
  • ____

What's included?

  • Email Server Review

    We review your email server to try to identify when the system started sending spam or any spam-like behavior.

  • Server Security

    If we suspect security issues, we will notify you immediately and recommend a course of action. This may be changing passwords, updating web applications or conducting more in-depth security audits.

  • Email Authentication

    We will setup and test SPF and DKIM for your selected domain.   SPF and DKIM improve email deliverability and can expedite blacklist removal.

  • Best Practices

    Improperly configured systems can often appear as if they are sending spam.  We will correct any sending configuration issues to assure your system meets best practices.

  • Blacklist Removal

    We submit your server’s IP and relevant details to blacklists.   We then follow up with the blacklist to assure they remove your server’s IP address from their list.

  • Blacklist Monitoring

    We can optionally enroll your server into our blacklist monitoring program.   The system monitors your server’s IP and provides rapid notification of blacklisting.

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