Don’t become a hacking statistic.

Security Services

Are you here to prevent a disaster or to recover from one?   Our Linux security services cover both incident prevention and incident recovery.   From proactive scans and server hardening to breach investigation and clean-up, our Linux security experts are here to help.

Security Services

Hacked Website Recovery

Website & server hack investigation and recovery.

Security Audit

Stay safe with a server security audit.

Firewalls, IDS & IPS

Boost server security with an optimized system configuration.

PCI Compliance

Optimized settings for email delivery and processing.

MySQL Security

Optimized settings for email delivery and processing.

Server Hardening

Optimized settings for email delivery and processing.

We run a property management company for vacation rentals. We process 35,000 reservations per year as well as cleaning and maintenance for all of our stays. Over the last ten years, rackAID has been there with us through all of our growth, changes, and issues.  We rarely have issues, and when we do, they immediately respond with great advice and solutions — no matter the time of day. We highly recommend rackAID for managing your hosting infrastructure.

Working with us is easy!

From one-time services to ongoing support, we offer clearly defined services with flat-rate pricing.  We keep you informed so you can keep your team and customers informed.

  • Let's Chat

    If we don’t understand the problem, we cannot fix the problem.  So we may have a question or few to recommend the right service.

  • Support Package

    We recommend a support package based on our conversation.  If you are ready to proceed, send us your server details and payment.

  • Working

    We get to work on your issues.  Most work starts the same or next business day.  We send progress updates and questions via our online helpdesk.

  • Problem Fixed

    Every support package has a clear goal.  When we reach this goal, we send you a summary report.   If you have any questions about our case, let us know; otherwise, thanks for using rackAID.

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