Protect your server’s sending reputation.

Email Blacklist Monitoring

We check major DNS blacklist services 24/7 and notify you instantly if your server’s IP address appears in a list.   By acting quickly, you can reduce the damage to your sending reputation and keep the email flowing.

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Automated Checks

rackAID checks more than 100 email blacklists several times per day.   We include the most important public lists including: Composite Blacklist, Spamhaus, Xploits Blacklist, Spamcop, Passive Blacklist, Invalument, Barracuda, and SenderScore.

Get Notified & Act Quickly

If we find any of your IPs on an email blacklist, we can notify you by email, SMS or Slack.   You can then get to work to identify and stop the spam before the issue impacts your sending reputation.  In most cases, if you stop the spamming within 24 hours of detection, you will not see long-term impacts to your email deliverability.

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Help When You Need It

rackAID offers blacklist removal assistance for Linux-powered servers.   If you subscribe to our monitoring services, you receive a 20% discount on any blacklist removal work.

Blacklist Monitoring Services

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  • Monitoring
  • ____
  • $19/mo
  • Up to 20 IP addresses
  • 8 Hour Check Frequency
  • >100 Blacklists Checked
  • 30 Day Report History
  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • 20% Discount on Blacklist Removal Services
    (Yearly Subscription Required)
  • ____

  • Monitoring & Recovery
  • ____
  • $49/mo
  • Up to 5 IP Addresses (Same Server)
  • 8 Hour Check Frequency
  • >100 Blacklists Checked
  • 30 Day Report History
  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Free Spam Incident Investigations
  • Free Blacklist Removal Processing
  • Free Email Queue Monitoring
  • Free Email Server Hardening
  • Plesk & cPanel Servers Only
  • ____

  • Email Marketers
  • ____
  • Inquire
  • Multiple IPs
  • Frequent Blacklist Checks
  • Gmail, Yahoo & Microsoft Support
  • Inbox Placement Monitoring
  • Mail Flow Monitoring
  • 30 Day Report History
  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Spam Incident Investigations
  • Blacklist Removal Processing
  • DMARC Setup & Monitoring
  • Email Server Security Testing
  • Postfix, Sendmail, SES & Other MTAs
  • ____

What's included?

  • Automated Blacklist Checks

    We check blacklists 24/7 and automatically notify if your server’s IP address appears on a list.

  • Immediate Email & SMS Notification

    We can notify you by email or email.   Rapidly responding to alerts can help you identify and fix spam issues before they significantly impact your sending reputation.

  • Actionable Reports

    Our reports make it easy for you to quickly start the process of removing your server’s IP from the blacklist.

  • Incident Investigation

    When needed, we are here to help you investigate blacklist issues.

  • Email Server Security

    We offer email security services to help you lock down your server

  • Full-Service Monitoring

    Don’t have the time or expertise to manage these blacklists?  Let our team handle email blacklist issues for you.

We run a property management company for vacation rentals. We process 35,000 reservations per year as well as cleaning and maintenance for all of our stays. Over the last ten years, rackAID has been there with us through all of our growth, changes, and issues.  We rarely have issues, and when we do, they immediately respond with great advice and solutions — no matter the time of day. We highly recommend rackAID for managing your hosting infrastructure.

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