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Charitable Donations Replace Holiday Cards

Company News

image In the past few years, rackAID has sent out holiday cards and sometimes trinkets to our clients with management contracts. This year, we have elected not to send out cards or gifts. We will instead donate those funds to a local charity group. We are still narrowing down our choices but several of the local food banks are having issues keeping items in stock.

We are considering Feeding America, formerly Second Harvest, as they have a good reputation in our area. They also get good marks over at Charity Navigator, an excellent resource for basic information about charitable giving.

This will be the first step in part of a formal giving program rackAID will establish in 2009. Though current economic conditions have slowed our growth, our business continues to grow at a double digit pace. We always like to be part of our community and charitable giving is just one route we will pursue. Currently, we are considering one international charity, such as Doctors Without Borders, and one local charity to be determined as part of our formal giving plan.