Phishing continues to escalate and attackers are becoming more devious in their methods. Here are 11 tips to help protect yourself from falling victim to phishing and email fraud attempts.

Email Security Do’s

  • Do unsubscribe from legitimate mailing lists that you no longer read.
  • Do manually type the web address into your browser.
  • Do delete spam immediately.
  • Do keep your OS, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam software updated.

Email Security Don’ts

  • Don’t trust links in emails. They may be hiding the real link.
  • Don’t trust the “From” address in emails. It can be spoofed.
  • Don’t trust phone numbers or mailing addresses in emails.
  • Don’t open attachments or instant message downloads.

Email Security Tips

  • Consider using multiple emails addresses for different purposes.
  • Consider switching to secure email communication methods such as SMTP/POP3 over SSL.
  • Consider using integrated email security services to identify malware, phishing, spam and viruses.

Send in Your Tips

Do you have some foolproof way to stop phishing? Let us know.

Additional Resources:

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