rackAID now provides Managed Dedicated Servers. Through a partnership with Softlayer, we now provide manged dedicated systems. We layer together Softlayer’s hardware with our support expertise to provide you with a one stop shop for a managed IT infrastructure.

We’ve been working with Softlayer for more than a year now. I meet about 1-2x a year with their executive team to continue building our partnership.

One thing we like about Softlayer is their infrastructure. Their stuff simply works. No long ticket histories to get a server ordered properly. In most cases, we have the server within 24 hours or less and ready for our clients within 2 business days.

Remote Wizardry
Our favorite aspect of SL’s servers is that they all come with KVM over IP, remote reboot and a disaster recovery console. This is the trifecta in leasing a server. Using these tools and our R1Soft CDP system, we can recover from almost any issue except hardware failure.

High Security
An often under utilized feature of SL’s network is their VPN. VPN is standard on all servers. This means we can lock down the front-end on certain applications and you can use the VPN to access the server. This can really help with passing certain industry tests like the PCI compliance scan or the popular Hacker Alert service.

If interested, just open a ticket. Our prices are very fair. We do not mark-up SL’s pricing. We simply add in our standard monthly management and backup fees. You order every thing through us. We handle setup and data center related issue. You just focus on your business.