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Monthly Management Clients are Happy Campers

Back in May, we announce that we started using Ratepoint to assist us with collecting customer reviews. This week we conducted a survey of our client’s subscribing to our monthly management services. The results are in the chart, but in general, our client’s are highly satisfied with our services.

The Survey
We asked some very basic questions about our services. Are we courtesy, are we skilled, do we communicate well and respond promptly? You exact questions are listed in the chart. We also inquired how often people use our help desk to get assistance.

On average more than 95% of our clients are satisfied with our services (the highest ranking) and nobody was dissatisfied.

Help Desk Usage
The good news is that the majority of our clients use the help desk monthly or rarely. To me, this means we are doing our job.

Our monthly server management program is designed to prevent problems. If we deliver pro-active support successfully, then you should not need to use our help desk. Our service delivery process assures that we continually improve our management package.

One way we improve service is through root cause analysis (RCA). RCA is an inherently reactive procedure. When you have a problem, we then try to diagnose the root cause of it. By doing so, we gain expertise to prevent the problem from recurring. Repeating this procedure over and over yields consider knowledge, which we document internally. In the end, this process yields a more valuable server management service.

Sure we could simply reboot your server, check to make sure services are up and running, and close out a ticket. We have tools that can do that automatically! But what value do you gain? Through RCA and other processes, we continually enhance the value of your service. You have fewer problems. We have fewer 2AM emergency support calls. We gain efficiencies in our service delivery – you gain assurance that your systems run smoothly. We both win.

Always, room for Improvement
Overall the results of the survey were fantastic, we did however receive a few comments highlighting areas in which we can approve.

One specific area that was mentioned was how updates often cause problems with 3rd party software or that customized solutions, such as custom PHP builds, would be disrupted.

We are working on a solution for customized software. PHP is the major item. The stock builds often do not include the modules required by modern web applications. As a result, customization is required. We are looking into building our own software repositories for PHP, MySQL and other commonly modified items. We can then configure your system to use our repositories for updating these items.

Third party products are more difficult to manage. We are working on generating some list of common add-ons and develop post-update procedures to assure they are working.

More Feedback
If you have more feedback, just comment on our blog or email us directly. We always want our client’s feedback – good and bad. Through your input, we can build better value into your services.