There are 1000’s out there, but here are 10 easy to use online network tools.

In our support work, we find that network issues, especially DNS related items, account for the majority of tickets. Email is the most common problem reported by clients using our server management service, but localized network outages, slow sites and many other issues can be trace to network issues.

Using the tools on these sites can help you better pinpoint network issues or provide details your service provider may be requesting.

DNS Tools

DNSStuff is one of our favorite tools. You have to pay to some of the features but if you are regularly handling DNS issues, the fee is well worth it. The DNSReport tool alone is worth the price of a subscription. Anytime we see potential DNS issues, this is our go to site.

Whois Tools

DomainTools provides very detailed and easy to use Whois information. Whois tells you who owns a domain. With a paid subscription, you can get domain history, which could be useful if you are looking to buy a domain or tracking down a domain owner. In addition to domain registration information, you can also get server stats, site profiles and other metrics with a few quick clicks.

Network Monitoring Tools

Alerta provides some great paid network monitoring services, but the tool we like best is their free Spot Check tool. This tool will attempt to access your URL from a variety of geographic locations, this is very useful for determining if a server outage is indeed your server, your server provider’s network or a local network issues.
CentralOps provides a number of simple and advanced tools. Best of all they are free. One of the best tools here is the “Email Dossier” which can dig up important information about an email address and even test a connection to an email server.


Robtex is and oldie and goodie. Rather tech heavy on the interface but provides some very detailed network diagnostics. When you visit, it immediately analyzes your computer’s IP address and provides links to routes, whois, and other advanced networking information. provides many tools. While the interface may not be pretty, there are several great tools here. There are some nice geo-IP information lookup tools and email diagnostics available. When DNSstuff does not do it for you, you may want to check out this site.

Email Diagnostic Tools

MXToolbox is an essential site for anything related to email. The “Email Header Analyzer” can help you dissect email headers to pinpoint who’s really sending you that email. The SPF record check is also useful if you are using SPF on your domains.

IP information Tools

Whatismyipaddress? Just visit this site and find out your IP. Providing your IP to your service provider is often essential for diagnostics. Just visit this site and it will give you your public IP. is another IP information site with a view added tools. There is a “more info about you” option that display all of the information it can gleam from you visiting their site. Web analytic programs use this information to track your activity on the web.


IPChicken. I don’t understand the name, but like sending clients here to get their public IP.

Check out my previous tutorial on how-to run a traceroute, if you are looking for more detailed network diagnostics.

Your Favorites?

Let me know your favorites. Free or paid. I love to find easy to use networking tools for our clients.