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How to Change FTP and Domain Passwords in Plesk

This video tutorial will show you how to update customer’s main Plesk passwords, FTP and FrontPage passwords in Plesk 9. Setting good passwords is an important security practice and will hopefully allow you avoid needing our advanced server hardening services.

You can change these passwords as a domain administrator, reseller or Plesk control panel administrator. The location of the icons may be slightly different depending on the level of access you have to your Plesk server.

If the Frontpage extension is not installed, you will not have that option.

TIP: If you wish to use SFTP instead of FTP, you will need to assign a shell (/bin/bash) to your FTP user. Without a shell SFTP will fail.

This tutorial shows you how to change your domain, FTP and Frontpage passwords in Plesk.


Transcript for How to Change FTP Passwords in Plesk

How to change customer’s Plesk/FTP/FrontPage passwords in Plesk. This tutorial assumes you that you have already logged in to Plesk. Now let’s learn how to update different customer’s passwords in Plesk if necessary.

Click domains icon here. Click the domain for which you need to change passwords. Let’s scroll down to the Domain Administration group. Click domain administrator access icon here. Here is the main domain’s properties page. Let’s see how to update our old Plesk password. Enter and confirm the new password here. Scroll down. When ready click OK to save the changes. That’s it. The main Plesk password has been changed for the account.

Now let’s see how to update FTP and FrontPage passwords. Click web hosting settings icon here. Scroll Down. Enter and confirm the new FTP password here. Scroll down. Then enter the FrontPage Admin’s password. Scroll down. When ready, click OK to save the changes.
p(small). We’re done the FTP and FrontPage passwords have been successfully updated for the selected domain name. This the end of the tutorial. You now know how to update customer’s main Plesk passwords as well as FTP and FrontPage passwords if necessary.

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