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rackAID Announces Managed Server Backup Solutions

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) July 24, 2008 — Managed service provider rackAID (http://www.rackaid.com) announced a new server backup and disaster recovery service for Linux servers. The backup service combines rackAID’s expertise in server management with the benefits of R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup technology.

rackAID President, Jeff Huckaby said, “When your system fails, you need backups. So we spent twelve months looking for a reliable solution. After a lot of testing, R1Soft’s CDP was a clear winner. The effectiveness, ease of use and cost could not be beat.”

A unique feature of the CDP system is that it copies the entire disk not just select files. As a result, the backups can be used for complete disaster recovery. The intelligent CDP algorithm transfers only changed data to the remote backup server, providing shorter backup windows with lower bandwidth requirements and performance impact than other solutions.

Mr. Huckaby noted that some rackAID clients have already benefited from the backup solution. For several months, rackAID has used CDP to backup their server management clients’ servers.

rackAID’s server backup solution is available as a monthly subscription. They have plans to accommodate single servers as well as large scale installations. The basic service provides daily disk snapshots of a server and transfers the image to a secure, off site location. They also provide custom solutions for clients with large special disaster recovery needs. Custom backup server locations are available in New York City, Dallas, Seattle and Washington DC.

Mr. Huckaby explained that a key benefit of R1Soft’s CDP software is the remote recovery capabilities. “With remote access tools, our staff can use the backup service to recover a failed server with little assistance from the data center staff. This capability can reduce a server outage from days to just hours.”

rackAID client Lowell Boileau of AtDetroit reaped the benefits of the server backup service within hours of signing up. Corrupted files prevented access to his discussion forum. Fifteen minutes after notifying rackAID, his files were recovered. Lowell’s response, “That worked thanks. You hit a home run for me the first time up.”

To learn more about rackAID’s CDP backup solutions, visit their web site and request a free server backup assessment.

About rackAID

rackAID is a leader in IT infrastructure management. rackAID clients benefit from increased uptime, greater security and the peace of mind that their online operations run efficiently. rackAID provides IT management services for major web hosting systems and Linux-based servers.

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