(New Haven, CT, July 9, 2007) — rackAID (www.rackaid.com), a leading provider of server management solutions, announced today a new partnership with DemoWolf (www.demowolf.com), a maker of flash-based tutorials for the web hosting industry.

When asked about the partnership, Jeff Huckaby, rackAID’s President, says “We found DemoWolf’s tutorials a natural fit with our system administration and server support services. The high quality of DemoWolf’s tutorials, especially their voice assisted versions, really impressed me. I immediately recognized that these tutorials could improve the quality of support our shared hosting clients deliver to their customer.”

Mr. Huckaby mentioned that rackAID had already been referring clients to DemoWolf when they had questions about end-user support issues relating to Plesk and cPanel products.

“We are proud to be partnered with rackAID, a company with a solid understanding of what it takes to be successful with respect to customer support” says Rob Moore, President of DemoWolf. “The people at rackAID are experts in helping hosting companies setup their support systems, and know exactly what their hosting clients are looking for. Those are the types of companies we want to be associated with.”

As part of this partnership, rackAID will be offering DemoWolf tutorials as add-ons to their popular server setup packages. The incorporation of tutorials is part of a larger push by rackAID to become a one-stop shop for upstart and growing shared hosting companies. When rackAID clients purchase DemoWolf tutorials, they will receive tutorials branded with their company logo in the first and last frames of all tutorials.

rackAID is working on several new products and services for the web hosting industry. By year’s end they will be launching managed server backup, apache security and server monitoring solutions to provide comprehensive IT support.

About rackAID – rackAID provides IT management solutions to the web hosting industry. They deliver deployment planning, server management and technical support services to web hosting providers in more than 22 countries.

About DemoWolf – DemoWolf specializes in providing online branded demonstrations and tutorials for the web hosting industry.