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rackAID clients don’t have to worry about hosting

Recently rackAID sent out a survey to clients using our managed services. Though there is always room for improvement, the survey shows that we still maintain very high marks in the areas of customer satisfaction, staff expertise, and problem resolution. We thank you for your praises and will continue to work diligently to improve our services.

What I was really happy to see were comments like these:

“Freeing up my time so I don’t have to make sure my server is secure, updated and always running smoothly.”

Not having to have expert IT staff.”

“I am a web designer and I don’t have the knowledge or expertise to handle issues when something goes wrong with a server. I can relax knowing you guys have everything under control and if anything goes wrong, it’s not up to me to solve it.”

These comments reflect the key values that rackAID delivers. We will continue to deploy new products and services and refine old ones to assure we continue to deliver.

We Check for Updates Every Hour!

We asked “How often do you think rackAID checks for patches on your server?” Nobody answered this questions correctly. We use automated systems to monitor your server for updates. Should your server have a new patch available, we detect in under an hour. In most cases, those patches are applied in under 24 hours.


Dozens of Patches Per Month

We also asked how many patches do you think we apply to your server each month. This varies considerably form just a few patches to more than 100 when major updates roll out. On average, we estimate we apply between 20-50 patches per month on newer OS versions. This does not even count the patches for control panels.

We have few issues updating servers because our experience has taught us which packages are problematic and which ones apply safely. We maintain lists of these troublesome updates and use special procedures to apply them when they arrive. This approach results in fewer post-upgrade issues.

Security is Paramount
Based on some survey questions and comments, security tops the list in service areas in which we need solutions.

Over the next few months, watch for announcements regarding:

  • Email Security Solutions
  • Server Security Testing/Scanning
  • Web Application Firewalls

We have all of these in the pipeline. If anyone is interested in our new Email security services or server security testing services, please drop us a note in our help desk. We are in the soft launch phase of those services now.