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Softlayer Selects rackAID as Preferred Partner

Softlayer, a leading provider of on-demand IT architecture, has selected us as their preferred managed services provider.

The partnership is the fruit of a year long effort involving SoftLayer and rackAID. I have been cultivating our relationship with them since this time last year.

We manage dozens of servers at their facility already. A key thing I like is their remote management tools. As I’ve already noted, they include KVM over IP on all of their servers, which is a critical tool in an emergency. These tools coupled with recovery options and other network features distinguishes SoftLayer from all other dedicated server providers we engage. Many other providers offer these tools but often they do not work as planned.

George Kardis, SoftLayer’s Chief Strategy Officer, says “SoftLayer believes that the best approach for our customers is to create an ecosystem of best-in-class solutions that work together to address all requirements. We prefer not to compete with our partners; rather, we seek out companies that share our vision and approach to help our customers grow.

The partnership will give us more exposure to SoftLayer’s clients and allow us better access to SoftLayer’s management. I really push developing personal relationships with the vendors we and our clients use. A personal relationship with key people can often get that server back online faster than any other method.

We look forward to a growing relationship with SoftLayer and welcome their clients.