At rackAID, we work with a large number of start-ups providing Software as a Service and Web 2.0 services. A couple of our clients are doing quite well. and NowPublic have both received venture and first-round financing. Working with such star-quality clients is a rewarding experience. We love to see our clients do well.

MyYearbook is an amazing success story. We started working with them a couple of years ago. Keeping up with the growth was challenging, especially as some of it was done through acquisitions. Merging disparate systems, code-bases and architecture presented several challenges.

The site’s mixed use of MySQL, Postgresql, and flat-text databases made scaling the system challenging. The sites code had many legacy problems and did not represent a unified code-base. Nonetheless, working with MyYearbook developers, we found ways to keep the site fast and growing. Recently, MyYearbook received $4.1 million in first round financing. This has allowed them to start afresh with a new integrated infrastructure that will eliminate many of the historical problems. We wish them great success.

NowPublic is a “crowd powered media”. They don’t like to use the term citizen journalism but it is a user-based news organization. Though they run their own show now, we helped them in the beginning getting their architecture in order and plan for scalability. The just received a $10.1 million injection of funds. The latter will surely help propel them to the next level.

We always like to see past and current clients do well. Working closely with our clients to get the right infrastructure and systems management is key to our success. We never want the technology to hold back our client’s growth and development, even if it means they stop outsourcing work to us and bring their server management in-house.