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Web servers are not Ronco rotisseries. If you believe the infomercials, Ronco’s Rotisseries’ are great. You just, “Set it and Forget It’. The convenience is great for the kitchen, but it does not translate to your hosting services.

You (or someone you trust) must assure that your hosting operations constantly maintained, that warning signs don’t go unnoticed, that buzzers are heard. Otherwise, you may burn your business.

Very Little Effort

“Use your Ronco Rotisserie to make sensational lowfat meals with very little effort.”

This is a key selling point for this little oven. I’ve never used one so I don’t know how accurate the claims are. However, I do know that running a web site takes considerable effort to succeed.

Consider what today’s web site users expect:

  • fast sites
  • easy to use navigation
  • excellent security
  • interactive features

These are not always easy to deliver and they certain require a lot of effort. rackAID spent six months developing our new web site, which is rather simple and small.

Easy to Clean

“Rotisseries come with a nonstick drip pan and basket that go right into the dishwasher, making them easy to clean.”

Web an email hosting operations are not easy to clean. You face a number of challenges:

  • legacy content
  • archived emails
  • spam
  • viruses
  • backups

I am sure I am missing a few items. If you are not an IT geek, knowing how to best handle these items is certainly a challenge. Ignoring them could cook your bird.

Save Time

“Spend less time cooking and have more time for your active lifestyle.”

We all want to save time, and by making meals easier, the rotisserie gives you time for other tasks. But if you unwrap this, what is it really saying?

If you get the right tools, you can have time to do more important things.

Fortunately, this can be true with hosting and email services. Here are just a few tools that can help you focus on your business.

  • Anti-Spam Solutions that Work
  • Automated, Managed Backup Services
  • Monitoring Solutions to Notify you of Site Issues
  • Using Hosted Applications for Business Functions
  • Outsource DNS
  • Outsource Email Hosting

Too many small business owners, especially those in the IT services, think they have to do it all in house. This is a sure way to fail, especially if you are a very small company.

I outsource our DNS. Why? Because DNS Made Easy can do a much better job than I can. By letting them handle our DNS, I don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining name servers.

I outsource of email security. Why? Because MXLogic, one of our partners and a service we offer, delivers a far superior solution than I can build. For the trivial cost, I don’t have to look at spam or worry that email-borne malware will shutdown our office.

Set It and Monitor It
Instead of forgetting it, monitor it. Find companies, solutions and services that allow you to easily monitor your operations. Keep tabs on these providers and as they earn your trust, you can turn your monitoring to a keep warm setting rather than broil.

If you “Set and Forget” your hosting operations, I can assure you that one day you will awake to the smell of smoke. And it will certainly be a meal that’s hard to swallow.

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