If you are a Linux server management client, you are probably already using our CDP server backup service. If not you should be. We’ve been working with the system for over a year and are switching to R1Soft’s software as our default backup solution.

When your system fails, you need backups. So we spent twelve months looking for a reliable solution. After a lot of testing, R1Soft’s CDP was a clear winner. The effectiveness, ease of use and cost could not be beat.

Ease of Use
We tried systems from Computer Associates, Acronis and others, but R1Soft’s product was the easiest to setup and most adaptable to a managed service model. Within 30 minutes of downloading their product, we had it up and running on our servers.

Backup Solution
We backup dozens of server already using this service. We were only offering the solution to our server management clients, but we’ve now opened up as a stand-alone service. You can subscribe to the service and we backup your server nightly.

CDP Benefits
A unique feature of the CDP system is that it copies the entire disk not just select files. We also found that CDP consumes far lower resources that rysnc-based methods. This means fewer performance issues during server backups.

Real World Use
rackAID client and artist Lowell Boileau of AtDetroit took advantage of the system within hours of signing up. He lost a critical password file for his forum. Within 15 minutes of opening a ticket with us, he had his files back. Lowell’s response, “That worked Thanks. You hit a home run for me the first time up.”

Robust Solutions
A cool thing we can leverage our partnership with SoftLayer with the R1Soft solution. Through SoftLayer, we provide managed dedicated servers. As we also have backup clusters in SoftLayer, we can have your managed dedicated server in one location and put your backups in another location. SoftLayer has private network links between their different locations. This allows us to backup your data over a secure, private network and not impact your public side operations. Also, should there be a major issue at one of the facilities, we can deploy a server at another location and quickly re-image your server. This capability allows us to provide a robust disaster recovery solution at a fraction of the cost of maintaining multiple servers.

Check out the new server backup section on our site for more details.