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Data Backup & Recovery

Your data is important. Keep your data safe with these server backup and recovery tips and tutorials. Form simple server settings to in-depth product reviews, rackAID covers your backup, and data recovery needs..

Server Backup and Recovery

Our Backup Service Rocks! Just ask our clients.

Early this year we announced a server backup solution (server backup press release). This solution is based on R1soft’s backup software called CDP. Since launching this service, we saved many…
Server Backup and Recovery

Dedicated Server Backup Solution

If you are a Linux server management client, you are probably already using our CDP server backup service. If not you should be. We’ve been working with the system for…
Server Backup and Recovery

Selecting a Backup Location

f you are tuned into web hosting news, then you know that ThePlanet had a fire in their data center earlier this month. We covered the outage in our blog…
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