This is an update on how to fix OpenSSL issues in Plesk. Previously, Parallels had released patches for CentOS 4/5 and RHEL 4 only, but has now added a RHEL 5 patch.

The patch fixes the bug in the web engine and is available in the Parallels Plesk Knowledgebase. Patches are now available for the following distributions:

CentOS 5 ×86
CentOS 5 ×86_64
CentOS 4 ×86
CentOS 4 ×86_64
RHEL 4 ×86
RHEL 4 ×86_64
RHEL 5 ×86
RHEL 5 ×86_64
Fedora 11 ×86
Fedora 11 ×86_64

As part of our server management program, we’ve applied this to our clients’ servers and have not experienced any problems. Hopefully, this patch will fix things and we will not have a similar issue with the next OpenSSL update.Text Here