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Server Security

To secure a server, you must understand the threats you need to mitigate.   From DDoS, web application exploits, brute force attacks and more, we have many great server security tips, tutorials, and tools for you.


How to Run Security Scans in WHM cPanel

How to Run Security Scans in WHM cPanel Learn how to run security scans in WHM/cPanel with this video tutorial. cPanel/WHM allows you to run security scans from the control…
use strong passwords for better wordpress security

Get Rid of Insecure Passwords Once and For all

Forgotten Your Password? Keeping track of passwords is a pain, but fortunately, there are some tools to make things easier. There are other tools such as Keepass, 1Password, Roboform and…
Improve Website & Server Security

How to Use Nginx to Fight DDoS Attacks

From time to time, we have a client get hit with a DDoS attack. Most of the time the attacks are simple and easily blocked, but attacks aimed at applications…
Improve Website & Server Security

64bit Kernel Exploit Fixed with Ksplice

If you’ve seen the news, there is a kernel exploit for 64-bit Linux operating systems. This exploit allows a local user to gain root level permissions on the server due…
Improve Website & Server Security

How to Use WinSCP to Securely FTP Files

One of the war chants here at rackAID, is “Use Secure FTP.” While more and more legacy FTP clients now support FTP, I’ve always recommended WinSCP. It is easy to…
Improve Website & Server Security

5 Easy Security Tips for Your Website

Every week I handle security incidents that could have been avoided by following simple, security procedures. Here are my 5 favorite security tips to keep your web site running securely.…
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