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Server Management

Server management consists of the tasks required to keep your server secure, fast and reliable. Check out our server management tips, tools, and tutorials.. Server management usually includes software updates, system security, data backup, and system monitoring.

If you need help managing your server, you are in the right spot.  We have many tips, tools, and tutorials to help you keep your server running great.  If you need help with your server, check out our Linux Server Management services.

Web Site Performance and Speed

3 Easy Ways to Deploy Nginx Web Server

If your web site performance is struggling, using Nginx could be a solution for you. Unlike some web servers, Nginx is not a drop in replacement for Apache, but integrating…
how to check centos version

How to Check CentOS Version Number

If you don’t know, you are not alone.   When we get service inquiries, our customers often are unclear on the exact version of Linux they are using.  Fortunately, you can…

How to Custom Brand Cpanel WHM

How to Custom Brand Cpanel WHM Learn how to custom brand WHM/cPanel with this video tutorial. The branding feature in WHM/cPanel allows you to customize your panel to match your…

What the Heck is Server Management Anyway?

Server Management Defined So like any lazy blogger, I went over to Wikipedia to get a definition for “Server Management.” Guess what? There’s not one and that’s the problem. Not…
Linux Server Management Tips

6 Things You Should Know About CentOS Linux

CentOS Linux CentOS Linux is a Linux distribution derived from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Because it is free, CentOS Linux is widely popular with Linux users, web hosts and…

SMART Server Management

Here’s one of those acronyms that may make you roll your eyes, but we find it a good guide to how we manage our client’s operations. We call it our…
plesk tips

How to Change FTP Passwords in Plesk

How to Change FTP and Domain Passwords in Plesk This video tutorial will show you how to update customer’s main Plesk passwords, FTP and FrontPage passwords in Plesk 9. Setting…
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