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WordPress Support

Learn how to make your WordPress faster and more secure with our tips, tutorials, and reviews. We keep track of the most reliable and up-to-date sources of support when it comes to WordPress.

stop wordpress brute force attacks

How To Stop WordPress Brute Force Attacks

WordPress’ popularity not only attracts bloggers but also hackers. Hackers try to compromise WordPress installations to send spam, setup phishing exploits or launch other attacks. While there are many sophisticated attacks against WordPress, hackers often use a simple brute force password attack. In these attacks, botnets try to guess your admin password.

Web Site Performance and Speed

How To Scan WordPress Like a Hacker

Learn how to scan WordPress using tools like WPScan, Nikto and others. These are the same tools that hackers use to map out security issues on your site.

Web Site Performance and Speed

7 WordPress Tips for a Fast Secure Blog

Keeping your WordPress powered site running smoothly is easy if you follow a few simple steps. We have clients that run WordPress powered sites ranging from personal blogs to sites…
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