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Website Performance

Website Performance testing is essential for today’s web. Slow websites make for unhappy visitors and customers. Learn how to optimize your slow website using these tips, tools, and tutorials.

Web Site Performance and Speed

5 Website Performance Tools You Should Know About

Website performance is critically important to your sites success. Did you know that: 47% of customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less ( Bounce rates nearly…
Web Site Performance and Speed

How Time to First Byte Impacts Web Performance

Speeding up your web site can be tough. The developers blame the system administrators, the system admins blame the code, the marketing team insists on their detailed tracking scripts be…
Web Site Performance and Speed

Ignore These Web Site Optimization Scores

So your site is slow? You search the web and find this great alternative web server or database software. You dig into the benchmarks and they show huge improvements. CPU…
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