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Server Management

Server management consists of the tasks required to keep your server secure, fast and reliable. Check out our server management tips, tools, and tutorials.. Server management usually includes software updates, system security, data backup, and system monitoring.

If you need help managing your server, you are in the right spot.  We have many tips, tools, and tutorials to help you keep your server running great.  If you need help with your server, check out our Linux Server Management services.

ordering a new dedicated server

Can You Really Trust that Server You Just Ordered?

Don’t trust that the server you ordered is what you received. Always run these checks on new server orders to assure you are getting what you ordered — before you start migrating content.

Server Monitoring Services in the Cloud

Server monitoring services has move to the cloud. Here’s are round up. Cloud or SaaS-based Server Monitoring Companies AlertSite provides comprehensive monitoring solutions, including performance, availability and business transaction monitoring.…

How to Use the cPanel Background Process Killer

How to Kill Process on cPanel WHM Learn how to kill processes on WHM/cPanel with this video tutorial. The kill background process feature in WHM/cPanel allows you to stop certain…
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